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  Snapped-Back Gaming LFP Medic
Posted by: Pain Seer - Today, 02:50 AM - Forum: Highlander - No Replies

Snapped-Back Gaming is coming around for another season of Highlander, and we're looking for another starting medic, as ours broke his pc. We're a pretty chill team that's been together for a few seasons now and are always trying to push ourselves to improve. Message Pain_Seer#7648 or Zachas#3725 to schedule tryouts.

Current roster:
Scout: Jefferado
Soldier: head
Pyro: Dakka
Demoman: Swish(?)
Heavy: Pain Seer
Engineer: Cooper02
Medic: (?)
Sniper: Zachas
Spy: Captain Billy

  LFT Int/amt Scout
Posted by: lil uzi uhm yeah - Yesterday, 11:38 PM - Forum: Sixes - No Replies

Hey hey, Intermediate Scout here looking to play for a fun team in 6ixs. Also willing to play for amateur team as well ^_^  Regardless a homie wanna play

OH I forgot to post links to my acct(s). Im currently using my alt because I have nicer skins ;p but for the sake of proving my experience - alt - main - RGL

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

  Lawn - Spy
Posted by: Fresh cut lawn - Yesterday, 09:02 PM - Forum: Highlander - No Replies

Ay whats up guys, looking to play spy hl s6, very pro!!1!
Can provide logs of scrims before team die ;((((

  jazzdad lft
Posted by: jazz\ - Yesterday, 06:10 PM - Forum: Highlander - Replies (7)

whats up. i play scout and heavy. currently playing main 6s scout but my schedule should not interfere with highlander scrims or matches. 

looking for a playoffs main team, i watch a lot of demos and i am pretty confident in my mechanics so with the right team i think i could do very well Smile

rgl :
steam :
discord : jazzdad#2806

  LFT HL Main Vege
Posted by: ratnoodles - Yesterday, 04:54 PM - Forum: Highlander - Replies (7)

Looking for a main team in HL as sniper.

Multiple Sixes seasons experience and long time player. 




  Name Change
Posted by: Pain Seer - Yesterday, 06:00 AM - Forum: Requests - Replies (1)

Need my name changed to 'The greatest and best player in all of rgl and tf2, for whom runs the pugs and does a few other things, like spamming darzie with cat pictures and annoying other leaders for scrims 5 minutes after the match is finished'

or ya know, Pain Seer is fine too

  Mentoring Soldier/Demo/Team
Posted by: ЯK! spaghetti - 05-29-2020, 06:22 PM - Forum: Mentoring - No Replies

I am looking to mentor soldiers/demos/teams from amateur to intermediate as I am currently not maining and have a lot of time.

I am able to do demo and map reviews as well as giving information and tips for map knowledge, dm, positioning, and calling.

Competitive Experience

Highlander S12 Iron: The Experiment
Highlander S16 Steel: Animal House!
Highlander S17 Silver: Retirement Plan
Highlander S18 Silver: Keep Your Salt / Mexican Cat ranch
Highlander S19 Gold: Roadkill! (2nd)
Highlander S20 Gold: 9AM (playoffs)
Highlander S21 Platinum: Swift Inc.
Highlander S22 Platinum: 9AM
Highlander RGL S3 Main: Swift Inc. (playoffs) (All-Star)
Highlander RGL S4 Main: No. 3 Pencils (3rd Place)
Highlander RGL S5 Advanced: Oprah Winfrey Network

Discord: spaghetti#1670 (preferred)

  LFT Sniper ADV or Main
Posted by: Pain - 05-29-2020, 08:09 AM - Forum: Highlander - Replies (1)

Getting back into TF2 after quitting it for Overwatch. I GM in overwatch for a few seasons playing mostly Widow and Mcree

Last time I played Highlander I played Gold. I have highlander experience and play mostly lobbies.

Grantee I'm the fix and the help your team needs on sniper. I promise if you give me the opportunity to try out. I will help bring your team to #1 in this next split. 
Just give me the chance to prove my worth.

  Sedna LFT Sniper / Heavy
Posted by: Sedna - 05-28-2020, 06:43 PM - Forum: Highlander - No Replies

I can play every hitscan classes

I don't care about divisions that much just let me join profile logs

  LFT heavy
Posted by: Astronomytwin - 05-28-2020, 09:47 AM - Forum: Highlander - No Replies

Past Experience: UGC season 25 open | RGL season 1 open | RGL season 2 open (but team died) | RGL season 3 IM.
All of my past experience has been in HL.
I have around 4000 hours on tf2 (although that number is heavily skewed) and I mainly just play heavy. My playstyle is mostly very combo-centered and I usually focus on protecting medic and catching spies/bombs.
Also: I haven't played competitive since season 3 so I'll be slightly rusty in terms of competitive strategies and such.

Also: I haven't played competitive since season 3 so I'll be slightly rusty in terms of competitive strategies and such.

Steam Profile :

Discord: Der Zwilling#8054