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  marcel - engie
Posted by: marcel LFT s20 - 10-02-2019, 06:02 PM - Forum: Highlander - No Replies

Need a solid team to pick me, can play whenever except early Saturdays.

Looking for a main engie spot 
Discord, Teamspeak and Mumble 

  scout demo reviews (main+)
Posted by: wish - 10-02-2019, 04:34 PM - Forum: Mentoring - Replies (1)

i will review your scout demos for main+ scouts

add me

i play scout at an ok level

Music The Peach Creek Boys - Scout and Pootis
Posted by: kasper - 10-02-2019, 03:07 PM - Forum: Highlander - Replies (4)

Hello there. I am a leader and the Medic for The Peach Creek Boys and we are looking for a Main/Advanced Scout and Pootis. We plan to scrim on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30 and 9:30 PM EST. We have pregames at 8:30 PM EST on match days. We use Discord and we plan to kill a lot of people and go into Advanced. We most certainly, 100% plan to score into playoffs and win! Energizing spirits, yes.

Current Roster:
Scout - LFP
Soldier - Mr. Z
Pyro - Flower
Demoman - Uber Alles
Pootis - LFP
Engineer - multitonic
Medic - kasper
Sniper - Smitleyjd (Still trying out other players, but he will most likely become our Sniper.)
Spy - Lucki

Please contact kasper#0001 or Lucki#8711 for questions over Discord or contact me through Steam if you have any questions. (The hyphen is included in the URL.)

Thank you.


  LFP Spy (Start)
Posted by: FLP Swish - 10-01-2019, 09:26 PM - Forum: Highlander - No Replies

Looking for Spy starter. We are in OPEN Highlander.  Smile
Add me on Discord, @ Swish#0001

  Mentoring engineers and teams
Posted by: Dez (Scrap2Unus) - 10-01-2019, 07:23 PM - Forum: Mentoring - No Replies

Hello I'm Dez, I'm a main level engineer looking to mentor engis in IM and below, as well as open level teams. Send me demos or whatever, just dont message me once and never respond lol.

  LF Scout Mentor
Posted by: Jimbob Doohicky - 10-01-2019, 04:11 PM - Forum: Mentoring - No Replies

I got roped into maining scout for a HL team pls help I can't let them know I'm bad please oh god.

The reputation of JIMBOB DOOHICKY rests in the balance please help.

  LFT Advanced/Invite Sniper
Posted by: Jerry - 10-01-2019, 01:11 PM - Forum: Highlander - Replies (5)

looking to main or sub in advanced/invite
i frag on sniper

they're not gonna let me in main this season even though i have no rgl HL experience so please help me out

none, aside from scrims

Season 24 Silver ebola world
Season 23 Platinum ignorant By Nature!
Season 22 Platinum ignorant By Nature!
Season 21 Platinum Cleavage City: Capitol of Titty City
Season 20 Platinum grapeSquad
Season 19 Platinum Kid Warrior: Reborn
Season 18 Silver Forever Silver [BORN_AGAIN]
Season 17 Platinum '92 DREAM TEAM
Season 16 Silver Y3*Y0*Y3
Season 15 Silver Man Crush Monday
Season 14 Silver Easy Money
Season 13 Silver Dead Poets Society
Season 12 Silver Heartbreakers
Season 11 Silver MerbosMagic



  Whoopdeedoo - Sniper/Pyro LFT open/main/adv
Posted by: whoopdeedoo - 09-30-2019, 09:18 PM - Forum: Highlander - Replies (2)

Hey, I've played in the past on UGC, and I've been ringing on the side for a while, but I'm looking to get back into highlander.
I have over 3000 hours in TF2 over 2 accounts
Heres my competitive experience
Highlander - UGC

Season 21 Steel HL - eLemonators 5-4
Season 22 Silver HL - Settlers of Kanto 3-5
Season 23 Steel HL - eLemonators (died)
Season 24 Silver HL - WeWin6s 4-0 (team got disbanded)
Season 24 Steel HL - Midheaven 6-3

Low-rec Prolander - Snipezilla Legends 7-1 (2nd place)

I also played 6s occasionally, but only ever completed one season with friends.

Add me on discord: whoopdeedoo#0233 
Thanks in advance.

  Mr. President - Scout/Engi
Posted by: Mr. President - 09-30-2019, 07:38 PM - Forum: Highlander - No Replies

I am new to tf2 competitive but have played a few pugs in tf2center highlander. I main scout/engi and can use mumble or discord I have both. I can scrim anyday of the week after 3:20 pacific (on mondays I can't play after 6:30 pacific). On weekends I can scrim anytime.

My steam profile if you want to contact me I can be found here:

  LFT Engineer, Sniper, Spy
Posted by: itsyAcore - 09-30-2019, 11:58 AM - Forum: Highlander - Replies (3)

Still looking for a team to play on. I can main/sub for Invite and would prefer to main on an advance team.

Add me on steam if you want to try me out.