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Advanced constantly lft engi
I don't tilt and I use the shotgun a lot

s2 main nkb (6-2)
s3 adv nkb (2-5)

Constantly#9508 on discord
https://steamcommunity.com/id/Consistent/ on steam
bumping. still looking to try out for more teams!
constantly is genuinely one of the nicest and coolest people ive met in TF2, and is always willing to help the people he's playing with. on top of all that, he's a good engie and all-around player. definitely worth a tryout, if not the main spot.
Bumping. My night class fell through so I'm available to play again.
plays 7s pugs
(08-27-2019, 04:22 PM)mono Wrote: plays 7s pugs
He's good, but he's a meme.
Bumping. Still looking for more tryouts
A great teammate and really cool guy

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