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Main "Clearer Comms" - Scout
Hey so "Clearer Comms" is looking to finalize it's roster real soon and we just need to get a solid scout so our flank can pound. Our combo has been playing together for years now and the team in general has average experience of mid high UGC silver.
I keep this team very organized: scrims are always Saturday & Sunday, 8:30 & 9:30pm eastern with our pregame at 8:30pm eastern on Mondays. I schedule for the week on Tuesdays, and you'll never get a last minute ping saying "hey scrim tonight!!". Final roster will be deciding what day they want demo reviews but it'll most likely be either Friday or Tuesday.
This is a super chill team that values being a good person, while knowing that winning is a hell of a lot more fun than losing.  Nobody likes someone getting tilted and cluttering up comms, so having a cool head is a must.

This will be a multi-season team, with long term goal of climbing the divisions.


Scout: LFP
Soldier: Ded

Pyro: Seanak
Demoman: SlimJim
Heavy: (Probably) Mike
Engineer: Austin

Medic: dealer
Sniper: Reptiguru
Spy: Bliztank

DM me on discord if you're interested havi#7716

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose"
The Godfather#7716
Where's the reader's digest version?
why is the font so small
[Image: dr-johnson-01.jpg?w968h681]
Hey i can help to you my main scout i play 1.1k in tf2 scout 300 times played

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