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Advanced Luigi lft s3
I lead Home Depot eSports and probably will next season unless something goes catastrophically wrong

I got 4th place Silver as pootis in s25 and I am doing well this season in Main (currently 4-2).

I am a pootis player but my scout/demo/engi/medic/sniper is good too.

In a potential new home for me I would be looking to offclass in top/high main or play pootis/med in midish advanced. But my ideal home in s3 is another run from home depot esports

Feel free to ask me about tryouts and I might just be interested, you never know :)
Luigi is a very capable and very dedicated guy. There is pretty much no downside to picking this guy up besides the fact that he HAS NO FEET!!!
There are 2 monkeys inside of you, one of them is the monkey, the other is a monkey.
(02-21-2019, 12:42 AM)Micahlele Wrote: he HAS NO FEET!!!

it's true pensive emoji
Where to begin with Luigi, he's a big dumb who loves feet and gamer girl pee. And god dammit I fucking love him for it, completely full homo.

Can play basically every class at a Main level really, don't hesitate.

I give him an 8/10 though, he told me he would give me feet pics if I gave him nip pics and he never gave them to me
reverse mario
(02-21-2019, 01:35 AM)lee Wrote: I give him an 8/10 though, he told me he would give me feet pics if I gave him nip pics and he never gave them to me

It's illegal bcuz im 17 and feet pics are explicit content how hard is this to understand
Luigi is a good Heavy player who is improving and may surpass Kegaman on Heavy. He is great as both player and person with dumb jokes; but, he is serious in making decisions for the team(s) he lead with the best solutions and problem-dealing ideas. He is effective in leading and managing team(s).

KegaStory: I met him in a casual match of Upward and both of us socialized in all-talk chat. He recognized me because I was doing HL suicidal Medic (Syringe Gun & Quick-Fix) in TF2Center; also, I do recalled him from TF2 subreddit due to his Suijin jump (bridge's railing to point's roof) post which has good upvotes. Both of us know we are Heavy mains so we became buds on Steam. I did help him on doing a demo review of him playing as Heavy on Product. He said he learnt a lot from my reviewing and the importance roles of Heavy on Product. He basically learn of why holding cliff (when have point) is good for the team.

Before UGC Season 25 for Silver HL, Luigi wanted to pick me up on Pyro for his team; even though, he was trying out Anthony (not a great Pyro tbh). I cannot denied Luigi's offer so I go for it with a purpose. Later on, he wanted me on Medic for the whole season which is just Kegafuck it... Kegaman can do it and learn more about Medic as this season went by (I improved as Medic while doing my best). Me and Luigi did swap class roles for Gullywash scrims and match. I did get burnt out on Medic for later parts of the season; but, Kegaman had a great time in Home Depot eSport for UGC Season 25 in Silver HL due to the people of the team, the atmosphere and my improvement.
For RGL HL Season 2, Luigi came to me and wanted Kegaman for his team which is an unsure situation at the start since I was at TW during Fall 2018. For the end result, it is a motherKegafucking yes for his offer and KegaPyro is doing my best with improvement. I learnt a lot as Pyro but I am still bad with comboing with degreaser; so, I just do stock flame thrower and scorch shot at most certain fights/holds/pushing. Being KegaPyro is just average for most Pyro players but Kega just wanna bring chaos (even means to suicide into the enemy team). I am still working on my spychecking as Pyro even though I am a spychecking, sandvich-throwing Heavy main who can play as other classes as my flexes. What I like about this season of RGL HL: Luigi's good standard decision making, wubs and zebra (from :thinking: back at Season 23 of UGC Silver HL), Bonesaw (another Heavy main who does the sentry stuff), team atmosphere (it gets better without Lay's complaints) with logical learning and talking to improve and friend/family relationship feels.

Luigi feels he needs Kegaman for many reasons to be in his team(s) so I just go with his flow for a better good. But, I just want to get a spot as an Advance Heavy for next RGL HL season since both of us are Heavy mains. Luigi is such a nice person when you are in the same page together. Kegaman just wanna maintain a good relationship/connection with Luigi since both of us are just Heavy mains who share same experiences.

* A quote I said to dk Karl: "dK Karl, how do I become the best motherfucking heavy who is both feared and loved at the same time?" Well, I am still aiming for that goal... BUT! Luigi can become the best motherfucking heavy who is both feared and loved at the same time in the near future.

Kega/10 <- Kega is just a better scoring number
I love my wife,
I love my wife

Team history
Jerma is my dad
Luigi is good at the game and not toxic. He's a great pickup.

Also fucking hilarious person to be around.
Pick up green mario
Luigi slays European players, pretty good pickup ngl
get orc of my way
im an orc
norwegian bump posts be like

good fragger, and team leader, and attitude,
really nice dude and an even better teammate, pick him up
I remember playing with this guy in steel, it's insane how much he's improved in a short amount of time. Could easily play in advance
Good ass man
Now that grands is over I have a reason to bump this

adv heavy/med
main demo/sniper

maybe other classes idk B)
feet loving obese heavy, he won main and stole my girlfriend

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