What first round Open playoff match should be casted?
#1 Humphrey's DayCare vs #8 Fanny Gang
#2 EdgeGamers vs #7 We Overslept..
#3 The Enthusiasts vs #6 Ignore Comms, Go Deep
#4 Gods Plan vs #5 Pushin' the Cap
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Open Playoff Casts
Hey everyone, similarly to last season, I will be casting Open Grand Finals, as well as one playoff match each week leading up to grand finals.  For at least the first round of playoffs, I will let the forums choose what match is casted.

Your options for the first Open playoff cast are: 

#1 Humphrey's DayCare (18.5 pts) vs #8 Fanny Gang (11.4 pts)
#2 EdgeGamers (15.6 pts) vs #7 We Overslept.. (12 pts)
#3 The Enthusiasts (15.6 pts) vs #6 Ignore Comms, Go Deep (12 pts)
#4 Gods Plan (13.7 pts) vs #5 Pushin' the Cap (12.9 pts)
The Godfather#7716
I'm voting #4. I feel like they'll have the closest matchup and thus be the most interesting to watch.
Is this where my team swaps to our mains and ruins the div?
Last time my team fought Gods Plan, it certainly was a spectacle. Three losses followed up by three wins on Lakeside with an eventual loss on the final round.

That said, I'd agree with everyone on voting #4, the match-up between my team and Cameron's team surely is a lot closer than the others.
guys we should vote 1 i heard there demoman is really cool and epic dudes  Smile
yeah vote 1 if you like god its very colse matup
I want to see my boy jel shoot at people so #1
I'm down for #4. It should be a close game indeed.
fanny gang wins, cory frags Tongue cast #1
#4 is the closest in points between teams, would make for the most interesting to watch rather than a direct roll
i vote 4 because i know none of these teams
i wanna frag on live tv #4 ftw
River #Vote4
#1 local day care vs fannypack gangsters
That moment when you vote 1 to watch your old team get pounded..... *smile*
oh no
this became an open player spawnpoint
amy lets just say there’s a reason you got kicked lmao, and god knows how you got on an IM team... Wink
i vote 4 for my good pal jimbob doohicky
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
wait jimbob doohicky is in option 4???

can i change my vote
plug walk
Everyone vote 4 to watch my man Jimbob Doohickey

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