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Advanced Team Spooky
Team Spooky v3
Looking for players that are capable of playoffs
Also no cheaters, thanks

Scout: Nerdaloid?
Soldier: Cray?
Pyro: Charizard?
Demo: Procreative?
Heavy: Bonesaw?
Engi: Jman?
Medic: Bonesaw?
Sniper: Denny?
Spy: 5perm

add here for tryouts
The setting is season 21 of the UGC. I, but a young lad, join a young silver team by the name of team spooky. We win the first couple matches, but then comes the big game: lakeside, versus the Ronnie j/dz creeper team. It was a hard fought match, with both sides playing to the bitter end. Eventually, after an hour long grind team spooky reigned victorious in double overtime. But for me, disaster struck: 5perm cut me for nectol. While I warm the bench for the rest of the season, team spooky continues to playoffs. Then, in playoffs, rather then sub me in, 5perm account shares in a banned player to get the team kicked out of playoffs. To this day, I believe that 5perm still blames the loss on me for some convoluted reason, and he focuses/shittalks me in scrims to this day. This sad story is brought to you by the S.H.I.T gang
cray playing HL in 2019

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