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Spades Slick
I would like to play in the following divisions:
-Main, if I'm allowed

I would like to play the following classes:
-Soldier (main/adv)
-Demo (main)

I would like to follow these clauses:
-No Friday or Saturday scrims
-Unless its a match, subbing for 6s takes priority if I'm needed

Thank you
Spades#7548 on Discord
Spades Slick once gave me insider information when i let him ring for another team in a match. I think it was VINNY the famous and well known sniper main. Needless to say it was pivotal to victory. Changed the outcome completely. I recommend this player if you need a professional PLANT.
I have a t-shirt of this person
Homestuck spy master
[5:25 PM]
im retarded
i didnt mean to link kats
i meant to link mine
do it after you get 2nd ok thx king Wink
spades slick is one of the infinity stones on the infinity gauntlet, all im saying...
One of the most down to earth, funny, caring dudes you could ask for on a team. Will improve the morale of any mumble he joins

along with that hes gotta killer hitscan, kinda throwing if you dont get him to be quite honest with you
hey spades : D
chill good dm
normal human
Looks fucking good today.
Don't pick him up. He likes to lose
i think this is the guy that played for shredder one season.. we lost to spu
what the hell am i doing here?
spades got on his knees and BEGGED me to bump this
Spu thank you for bumping my thread
Edit: Reason: pootis
This is a bump

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