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lft heavy s6 - Chocc - 04-02-2020

medic was something else but I'd like to go back to my favorite class. idk what else to say so 
BBQ Chicken

RE: lft heavy s6 - (h4x) Tj - 04-02-2020

he is fat in-game and fat in real life...

RE: lft heavy s6 - B&H | Paul - 04-02-2020

A gamer

RE: lft heavy s6 - Jimbob Doohicky - 04-02-2020

gvyhb jnu

RE: lft heavy s6 - Coffee_Cup - 04-02-2020

pick him up he will commit manslaughter against the opponents in game

RE: lft heavy s6 - nip nop - 04-03-2020

i love chocc so much and hes better than most of the other "invite players" LFT

RE: lft heavy s6 - ABRA-goin'-HAM LINCOLN - 04-03-2020

Chocc is a pleasure to have around. He played med very competently and his heavy has really good tracking. Would want him on my team if I ever made one myself.

RE: lft heavy s6 - ass geen - 04-03-2020

really good and great communication

RE: lft heavy s6 - NicKk - 04-03-2020

my favorite pootis

RE: lft heavy s6 - GreenKing 'ring - 04-03-2020

me and chocc are package deal, also bbq chicken

RE: lft heavy s6 - SpotlightR - 04-05-2020


RE: lft heavy s6 - Chocc - 04-06-2020

Bump Smile

RE: lft heavy s6 - Jerrrrr - 04-06-2020

This Lad really knows how to play fat man, 10/10 impersonation of me

RE: lft heavy s6 - attentiondeficit - 04-07-2020

que es un beso? pick this fat poot up

RE: lft heavy s6 - Teli - 04-07-2020

One of the best heavies in recent times, not something to pass by.

RE: lft heavy s6 - firepow - 04-08-2020

Cheeseburger Chocc will destroy the enemy team.

RE: lft heavy s6 - Chocc - 04-13-2020

BBQ Chicken

RE: lft heavy s6 - TheRealWeiner(isn't-real) - 04-17-2020

chocc kinda cute, kinda quirky, kinda a beast

RE: lft heavy s6 - Luigi - 04-17-2020

Somehow soldiered through a whole season of Med. Let him back on his class for a team that's worth his while

RE: lft heavy s6 - Johnny_Dorito - 04-17-2020

4th best Heavy in TF2 as of 4/17/2020 10:49 AM PST. Pick Him Up Now.