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Valorant Beta - Alto - 04-04-2020

Who got in today?

RE: Valorant Beta - fruitcup - 04-04-2020

if anyone tryna sauce a brother a code...

RE: Valorant Beta - Joey - 04-04-2020

I got in

RE: Valorant Beta - Markers - 04-08-2020


RE: Valorant Beta - Powerpuker - 04-08-2020

Didn't get in either, but at least they are doing more drops today

RE: Valorant Beta - bee - 04-11-2020

im in fellas, if anyone else gets in hmu for party

RE: Valorant Beta - (h4x) Tj - 04-11-2020

lets play together....

RE: Valorant Beta - NicKk - 04-11-2020

homeless and i got in and are looking for some GAMERS to 5 stack with

RE: Valorant Beta - Powerpuker - 04-11-2020

I got in finally

RE: Valorant Beta - bee - 04-11-2020

pierre#0069 msg for party
im actually nuts at omen and sage

RE: Valorant Beta - percy - 04-11-2020

add me @rat glider

RE: Valorant Beta - proton - 04-11-2020

i have been idling streams for days and i have still not gotten in send help

RE: Valorant Beta - dog - 04-11-2020

If you give me your account with beta access I will play for your team

RE: Valorant Beta - Jimbob Doohicky - 04-11-2020

(04-11-2020, 05:07 PM)proton Wrote: i have been idling streams for days and i have still not gotten in send help

Same Sad

RE: Valorant Beta - High Impact Dolphin - 04-12-2020

u have to have your stream audio on (the slider in the twitch player) and have watched for 2+ hours to become drop elgible

i just turned off the window's audio in the volume mixer and idled that way, only took a day

RE: Valorant Beta - TheRealWeiner(isn't-real) - 04-14-2020

yo I straight up have like 5 days straight of watching and have no key so... kinda fucking cringe

RE: Valorant Beta - proton - 04-15-2020

add me if u wanna play some epic valorant

RE: Valorant Beta - Be my Private Dancer - 04-15-2020

I'm in friends (:

RE: Valorant Beta - F1asher12 - 05-13-2020

still waitingSad

RE: Valorant Beta - proton - 05-14-2020

im plat 2 rn what are yalls ranks