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Forum Updates - exa_ | hl.rgl.gg - 11-24-2018

Any notable site updates will be posted here.

RE: Site Updates - sharky - 11-25-2018

Yea the site is broken on iOS 12.1. We're working to fix it right now.

RE: Site Updates - sharky - 11-28-2018

Yay! Sizing issues are now fixed on Firefox and iOS!

RE: Site Updates - Mothership - 11-28-2018

  • We have added a warning to guests on the forum that our steam login feature pulls your Avatar & Username from steam when you first register.
  • Fixed the "recent threads" sidebar to show threads from all the forums but off-topic
  • added an Index link to the forums drop down.

RE: Site Updates - Mothership - 11-28-2018

  • Disabled Negative rep. Can only give positive or neutral rep now.
  • Enabled latest posts in the 'Latest Threads' sidebar.

RE: Site Updates - Aad | hl.rgl.gg - 11-28-2018

There's a work in progress dark mode in User Panel -> Edit Options -> Other Options -> Board Style

Thanks to cyclowns (http://forums.highlander.tf/showthread.php?tid=90)

RE: Site Updates - Aad | hl.rgl.gg - 12-04-2018

site now gives visual feedback whenever you click the quote button(the button turns green! D: )

also i fixed the menu bar in the quick reply section that existed when u clicked "quote". Didn't know that was a thing, u can actually see it now

Forums Update and the future. - Mothership - 03-24-2019

As most of you can see there have been quite a few changes to the forums last night with forums changing names, being moved, or completely new.

The new Prolander and Non Restriction Sixes categories and forums are for those RGL formats respectively. I have also moved some forums that were previously under the Highlander category to the new Global section. Any new posts, threads or discussions outside of the specific comp format category will be global for RGL or the forums. These forums include the new Global & Recruitment Forums. I will be adding/changing the thread prefixes for the Recruitment forums to reflect this change.

The forums that have been moved to 'Global' are:
  • Highlander News & Updates, which has been renamed to RGL News & Updates
  • Map Discussions

The new Prolander and Non Restriction Sixes sections are organized the same as the Highlander section with the exception of the Team Leaders forum. Team leader roles and forum are still restricted to Highlander until further notice. We have also added in a new Guides & Resources forum to each of the sections to help facilitate growth within each of the respective formats.

Lastly I wanted to talk about the future regarding the forums. As most of you might of noticed, our current forum setup has been bugged since the server move a few months back. I am aware of the incorrectly counted views on threads. Unfortunately, this will not be fixed as we are working on multiple projects including a 2.0 release of the forums. We have no ETA since I want to make sure that all the issues and limited we have with our current forums can be fixed or improved upon. One of the main features being the steam login allowing you to set your own username at signup.

We do need help with development on the new forums, so if anyone is interested in helping, feel free to message me on discord or add me on steam. Also, if you guys have any suggestions, feature requests, or comments, feel free to post on this thread. I will be using this thread as part of development of future features.


RE: Forums Update and the future. - saturation - 03-24-2019

Can there be a toggle for the other leagues I do not care about pro lander or siga6s

RE: Forums Update and the future. - fruitcup - 03-24-2019

(03-24-2019, 09:37 AM)saturation Wrote: Can there be a toggle for the other leagues I do not care about pro lander or siga6s

agreed, there should be a forum tab that u can click if u wanna see highlander stuff, prolander stuff, siga 6s stuff, or all of them (or two one them), make it like a checkbox where u can select what u wanna see. I think it would get annoying to scroll past the pl and 6s stuff when i only care about highlander and vice versa for people that dont care about hl

RE: Forums Update and the future. - perenne - 03-24-2019

on the top right of each box there are 2 circles, clicking them will minimize the box. doesnt get rid of it completely, but it can save you some clutter

RE: Forums Update and the future. - Aad | hl.rgl.gg - 03-24-2019

exa is gonna try and make it look nicer with sub forums since a lot of them are the same and set up tags. if ppl have eyes to read it, it'll be cleaner

RE: Forum Updates - Mothership - 03-25-2019

  • embedded RGL twitch stream for casts on the sidebar.
  • Added Swiftnode.net logo (Forum Sponsor) and link to the bottom of the sidebar.
  • removed duplicate donate button on the sidebar.
  • renamed forums to more generalized TF2 names as we prepare for Prolander & non-restriction sixes intergration
  • Added new LFT & LFP Forums and moved all previous highlander posts to their own sub-forum.
  • Added new Format thread prefixes (Highlander, Prolander, Non-Restriction Sixes) to many of the forums.
  • Changed the header RGL-HL to RGL and it now links to the main RGL website.

Upcoming Changes:
  • Replace the links dropdown menu with a dedicated links page with all the RGL and Community Links.
  • Replace the Logo to the Highlander.tf Logo.
  • Add in new calming page to display when the board is closed to prevent panic.

RE: Forum Updates - Mothership - 07-09-2019

added a new public ban list to the forums


it has been added to the forum drop down on the nav bar.

RE: Forum Updates - firepow - 07-09-2019

thank you mothership very cool  Blush

RE: Forum Updates - Flare - 07-10-2019

Thank you Mothership, very cool!

RE: Forum Updates - Mothership - 07-18-2019

Added support for Traditional Sixes in the LF* Forums as well as a Sixes forum prefix.

RE: Forum Updates - exa_ | hl.rgl.gg - 10-30-2019

The "Latest Posts" feed now bumps a thread up to the the top whenever someone makes a post on a thread.

This also means that there won't be 10 posts from a single thread on the feed.

TLDR: We made it like how teamfortress.tv is currently.

RE: Forum Updates - Mothership - 11-30-2019

We are adding a new rule to the forums that is in effect starting today.

Quote:No Brigading

Such as, but not limited to, attempting to disrupt or harm the forums in any way, encouraging others to break any of the forum rules, or relaying posts from banned users.

You can see our full list of rules via the top nav bar or through this direct link https://forums.highlander.tf/rules.php

RE: Forum Updates - Mothership - 12-22-2019

  • Updated Logo to the RGL logo.
  • Updated Discord link to the main RGL discord
  • Updated Steam Group Link to the main RGL steam group