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Spy lft - 182.Look Out! Awwww. - 02-09-2019


I’m Zephyr, and I am
looking to play main spy this season. If any team is looking for a spy, I’m your man. I have several seasons of UGC under my belt, and I participated on TGB for season 1 of RGL.

RE: Spy lft - duck - 02-10-2019

what div tho?

RE: Spy lft - 182.HoekstraTF - 02-10-2019

The only regret you will have- NOT picking him up before roster lock

He farmed on our team, not only this, he is super smart, added so much to in game comms.

He is one of my favorite gamers I have met through tf2, and is an ABSOLUTE spark in the dressing room.

Hardworking, always dedicated to helping the team / himself improve.

Pick him up, this guy can play in main, and should play in main.

RE: Spy lft - LucG_ - 02-10-2019

If your team is looking for a non-toxic player with a positive attitude, pick this dude up!

Great Spy, but also a great guy, who is a wonderful person to have around your community and team!