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bffl lft - bffl - 04-12-2019

disclaimer: I can't tryout (or play tf2 at all) till May, just putting my lft out there rn

scout/sniper > soldier/pyro/spy > anything else

Haven't played in a league for a while, but would still like to play invite (maybe advanced as sniper? idk)

bunch of seasons as main/sub scout

add me: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bff-forever

thanks Smile

RE: bffl lft - nerd - 04-12-2019

the homie

RE: bffl lft - shaayy ^ - 04-12-2019

what the legend

RE: bffl lft - vrkytion - 04-13-2019

ill be real with u. U are shit.

RE: bffl lft - pajaro - 04-14-2019