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LFT invite s6 - Hino - 07-22-2019

Remaking Squirtyay into a bigger, badder version of the season 4 team for s6; not lft.

RE: lft spy s4 - Micahlele - 07-22-2019

He has his google+ linked to his steam profile and I have never hated an individual more. Good spy though pick up

RE: lft spy s4 - Bliztank - 07-22-2019

Hino is a solid spy that is dedicated to the game and has rapidly improved over the course of a few seasons. He pretty much always finds a way to have impact in some form and has done well in helping to manage s.h.i.t. He's refined himself in adv for two seasons and should be ready for invite play.

RE: lft spy s4 - ghost - 07-22-2019

Easily Invite, Moist doesn't deserve him as a teammate - pick up hino while you still can.

RE: lft spy s4 - tv/moist_master_ - 07-22-2019

hino is nuts and gets all my scrims and ghost is bad and mad

RE: lft spy s4 - Soalabe - 07-23-2019

Predicts outcomes by seeing each reality before they happen, good spy pick up

RE: lft spy s4 - Guy - 07-23-2019

Easily the best spy that played in adv this season
Only one I consistently feared.

RE: lft spy s4 - brandon - 07-23-2019

Legit best spy in adv for the second season in a row lol

Just pick him up on an invite team already. He fucks with his aggro stabs and monotone comms

RE: lft spy s4 - GreenKing 'ring - 07-23-2019

also btw me and hino are a package deal

RE: lft spy s4 - perenne - 07-23-2019

hino got a lot better over the course of s2 and s3 and is pretty Nice as they say

RE: lft spy s4 - rebite - 07-23-2019

saves whole games with picks
pretty good tbh
hi hino
i c u

RE: lft spy s4 - neum - 07-23-2019

One of the better spies I've played with certainly is invite level

RE: lft spy s4 - Hino - 07-26-2019

mm boo op

RE: lft spy s4 - agb - 07-27-2019

was good enough to play invite this season, and DEFINITELY deserves to play in invite next season. one of the best role models ive had so far for spy, and is a very cool person. get him on an invite team already for the love of god so he stops making every other spy look bad lmao

RE: lft spy s4 - Hino - 08-01-2019

mmm booo oop

RE: lft spy s4 - Hino - 08-06-2019


RE: lft spy s4 - Hino - 08-19-2019

buried like six feet under.

RE: lft spy s4 - Luigi - 08-19-2019

doesn't tilt and that automatically makes him better than like. every spy.

RE: lft spy s4 - Micahlele - 08-20-2019

He likes to shoot the teleporter goldin style

RE: Hino lft s5 - Hino - 12-18-2019

end of season bump.