These are global rules that will apply to the HL Forum. It is your responsibility to review and understand these rules, for using our platforms means you agree to follow them. Failure to follow these rules may result in a warning or temporary ban.

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No Flaming

This includes, but not limited to, derogatory comments meant to incite a response to further an argument towards one's race, gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation, abnormalities, or medical conditions. This also falls underneath discrimination.

No threats of any kind

This includes, but is not restricted to, threats to DDoS or hack, threats to safety, or death threats..

No Sensitive Data

Do not reveal personal information or exhibit threatening behavior towards any individual e.g. someone’s location, date of birth, real name, etc.

No Spamming

This includes, but is not restricted to, copy-pastes or big ASCII art on the forums that do not contribute to the discussions on the forums.

No pirated illegal, or malicious material/links.

Do not post any inappropriate or referral links. This includes phishing/spyware/malicious sites and shock sites.

No Sexually Explicit Material

This includes, but not limited to, text, images, links, videos and general descriptions of sexually explicit material.

No Impersonation

Do not impersonate any staff or players.

Off-topic Discussion

Keep all comments to their respective threads. Comments posted in incorrect threads will be deleted.

The idea with the forums is to create an open space where constructive conversations, feedback, and ideas can be shared. It should be noted that the RGL HL Forum is a platform of Any usage of slurs or hate speech on the forum is subject to a league punishment. If an issue arises on the forum, you can directly private message one of the admins on the RGL HL Discord.