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Invite perenne lft s4
low-mid invite demoman, or mid invite engineer, i have no preference of which
i learned that i hated subbing so can i has main spot Smile

s25 silver engineer, 2nd
s1 adv engineer, 5th
s2 adv engineer, duck
s3 invite sub scout/demo/engineer/medic, 6th

i can tryout whenever

perenne#9143 on discord
plug walk
please pick up this gamer for a main spot s4.

definitely deserves it.
plug walk
is a good gamer. heard he stole wax's protein shakes though
idk about demo but they are 150% capable of playing engineer in invite. will get the job done fo sho
normal human
plug walk
b ump
plug walk
this shit get buried fast
plug walk
kinda good tbh
try me out This weekend.
plug walk

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