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Advanced Home Depot eSports LFP S4
I'm Luigi and I'm the leader of Home Depot eSports. If you clicked on this thread you know who I am here's my roster

Scout: animus
Soldier: Wubs
Pyro: LFP
Demo: Zbra
Heavy: Luigi
Engineer: cyclowns
Medic: Ness
Sniper: LFP
Spy: Bliztank / LFP

Bliztank isn't finding Spy fun so I'm looking around for other options so that I can put him out of his misery.
Pyro mains don't exist. If you play Pyro at an Advanced level I'll suck your dick
We're looking for people with established Adv exp but I'll be handling things on a case by case basis
Everyone on the team is chill and will not cause problems, been that way since s25 and I do not intend to change it
We use Mumble but have a Discord for organization / shitposting purposes
Sub roster is full so if you wanted to sub I am sorry brethren

Not sure why I'm making this thread because I've already exhausted the LFT section and I've started digging up retirement home players but I like pressing buttons on my keyboard I guess

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