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Main The Peach Creek Boys - Scout and Pootis
Hello there. I am a leader and the Medic for The Peach Creek Boys and we are looking for a Main/Advanced Scout and Pootis. We plan to scrim on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30 and 9:30 PM EST. We have pregames at 8:30 PM EST on match days. We use Discord and we plan to kill a lot of people and go into Advanced. We most certainly, 100% plan to score into playoffs and win! Energizing spirits, yes.

Current Roster:
Scout - LFP
Soldier - Mr. Z
Pyro - Flower
Demoman - Uber Alles
Pootis - LFP
Engineer - multitonic
Medic - kasper
Sniper - Smitleyjd (Still trying out other players, but he will most likely become our Sniper.)
Spy - Lucki

Please contact kasper#0001 or Lucki#8711 for questions over Discord or contact me through Steam if you have any questions. https://steamcommunity.com/id/kasper- (The hyphen is included in the URL.)

Thank you.

i hate this team i hate it i hate it

do NOT play scout for this team but do play pootis
Some solid players on this team, if they pick up the right people and put in the work, they could do well this season
rip jimbob scout?
(10-04-2019, 03:58 PM)illum Wrote: rip jimbob scout?


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