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Highlander Season 4 - Week 1 Predictions
Welcome to RGL Highlander Season 4. This is Week 1, the map played will be pl_swiftwater_final1.

(First to 2 Pts) (exec rgl_hl_stopwatch)

Week 1 Matches
RGL.gg Season 4 League Team Spreadsheet
Roster Transactions

Good luck to all the teams and thank you for playing the fourth season of RGL Highlander!
Feel free to predict which teams you think will win or lose below.
i win my match
In my opinion, match of the week would be either Dunk Masters vs Confusedquirtyay: or Burgers & Homies vs Amicitia Nova.

So, either of those two matches would get casted.
burgers vs amicitia motw
You felt something warm inside your heart.
Burger v ami (motw)
Shit KND 2-1
im getting flashbacks from s2 advanced .ami v b&h week 1
im not feeling too good tbh. thinking history will repeat itself in one way or another
There are 2 monkeys inside of you, one of them is the monkey, the other is a monkey.
team shit will win, my team is shit

scratch your head at that one to see what I'm puttin down
moist loses
dunk wins
ami wins (sei owns)
my team sucks at swiftwater this season for some reason
fred wins
dunk > yay 2-0
ad > imposters 2-0
b&h > ami 2-1 motw
2w > fred v 2-0

bz > the on god team 2-0
catch the chach < marker and the eboy 0-2
division dysphoria > turbo alcoholics 2-0
gotta blast > stardust crusaders 2-0
oWn > home depot 2-1 motw

pcb < utd 2-0 
No.3 > cafeteria milk 2-1 motw
outback fraghouse > i are tech 2-0
evhs > crystal kingdom 2-0
ZzZ > aureus 2-0
cast my match so i get verified plesae i will pay mkeys of at least 2 keys to whomever can get my casted you have keys ont he line people lets move go og go
plug walk
i predict my team wins but i go 1:24
my team is going to be 45 minutes late every match
2w > Fred V 2-0 there’s no way Fred knows how to play Payload
(10-03-2019, 05:50 PM)pablo Wrote: 2w > Fred V 2-0 there’s no way Fred knows how to play Payload

this is a lie, bowl of mayo leaked all of my swiftwater secrets to the likes of Fred V. They are a power house on swiftwater
2 - 1 Aureus vs ZzZ
2-1 Peach vs Utopia
2-0 Cafeteria vs No_3
2-0 Outfrag - i are tech
0-2 Train vs Awoo
2-0 EVHS vs Crystal

2-0 1k9k vs On God
0-2 catch vs marker
2-0 division vs turbo
2-0 gotta blast vs STAR
2-1 Own vs Home

2-1 Dunk vs squirt
2-0 Aplodosh vs Impostors
2 -1 B&H vs Ami
2-1 Fred V vs 2w
2-0 KnS vs Shit

Me and R4bbit made this together i did not predict my own match and r4bbit did not predict their own.
Shit > kns
tfw dimento trolls everyone
easiest match of my life
yeah haha knd is dead this time guys haha

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