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Invite Invite Preseason Teams and Power Rankings (Powered by mannco.store)
Invite Preseason Teams and Power Rankings

Firstly, congratulations are in order to Burgers & Homies, Confusedquirtyay, and Second Wind for securing the final Invite spots this season. This season is looking to be one of the best yet, with plenty of competition at the top and bottom. Not to mention, this season we have a sponsor! Buy and sell TF2 items at a low commission of 5% only. Instant delivery, No verification, bitcoin, and PayPal payout at mannco.store. Apolodosh, Dunk Masters, and Fred V all look like top three contenders and Super Handsome Inteligent Team and Amicitia Nova, both previous advanced champions, have moved up to Invite. Now let’s get into the teams.


1. Apolodosh

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] wish
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] dev
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] River
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Arzt Hispanian
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] RonnieJ
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] exa_
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Wall
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] shaayy
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Madringme

Apolodosh is ready with the exact same roster from Season 3 looking to take first place. With KND's unfortunate demise, it's just that much easier for AD to finally get 1st place in Invite. [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] wish and [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] dev have played at the top level for multiple seasons, making them one of the best flanks in Invite. Not to say the AD combo is weak though. There is not a single team that can beat [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Arzt Hispanian when he is fueled by ulterior motives. In recent scrims they have had some shaky koth results against Fred V, even dropping rounds to Amicitia Nova on Ashville.

2. Fred V

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] pablo
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] tgw
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] eX.Hunter
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] durr
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] hypedad32
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] carcin
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Toy
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] rain
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] shotaway

Fred V, led by pablo, is possibly the most DM-heavy team that will be playing in Invite this season. In their early scrims, they have shown incredible koth results, beating AD on Product and Lakeside. Their payload, however, is another story entirely. Not very clean. [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] pablo, [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] tgw, [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] durr, and [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] rain can all play multiple classes at an Invite level, so there may be dual roster situation with one being for koth and one being for payload and steel. 

3. Dunk Master

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] triiiple
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] lizar
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] HA Johnny
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Makkabeus
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] civ
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] tacos
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] fruitcup
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] lenny
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] evil

Dunk Masters is picking up the pieces where Invidus left off. While tacos is still leading the team, he has moved from [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Medic to [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Engie having [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] fruitcup take his place. [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] evil remains one of the key players of the roster. [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] lenny has proved to be a top 3 sniper this season, completely dominating snipers like yosh and CazaroC during Region Wars. The combo of [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] HA Johnny, [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Makkabeus, and [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] civ looks to be extremely strong, with [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Makkabeus being a great source of damage and [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] HA Johnny and [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] civ keeping their medic safe from spies and bombers alike.

4. Amicitia Nova

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Poseidon
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Catalyst
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] Darkly
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Dog
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Rayman5000
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] perenne
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] DZCreeper
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Sei
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Micahlele

Amicitia Nova finally moves up after a season break to compete in Invite after winning advanced in season 2. They’ve managed to keep about half the roster the same, keeping [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Catalyst, [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] Darkly, [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] DZCreeper, [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Sei, and of course the glorious, handsome, and amazing leader [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Micahlele. [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Poseidon is a great pickup to compliment [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Catalyst and keep the flank healthy. Even though [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Dog and [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Rayman5000 have never played together, the scrim results show that they are adapting well. They have taken 2 rounds off AD on Ashville and had decisive victories over Impostors on both payload and koth. 

[Image: impostors_with_shadow1.png]

5. Impostors

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] asher
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Mono72
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] Inquisition
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Flare
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] ?
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Starfruit66
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] ZoomxZe
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] d3nny
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Dave

[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Flare is back with his boys looking to have a more successful Invite season than the last. To help him reach this goal, he’s picked up [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Mono72 and [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] d3nny. After getting every single placement medal in advanced, [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Mono72 is finally moving up to Invite and is looking to leave a mark. [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] d3nny, on the other hand, is currently making his mark as the hot, up and coming sniper for Invite. d3nny, also known as john beans, has been dominating on sniper as of late, including hitting crazy quickscopes such as this one.

[Image: a0aff02c454d329e5b7b65e89e11e28037674769_full.jpg]

6. Confusedquirtyay:

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] XBS
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Voosh
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] figsy
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] fygg
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Octa
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Aaron
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Doc
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] watterson
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Hino

Confusedquirtyay: features a lot of old players returning along with some new blood to the Invite scene. The most notable return easily being [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] watterson. He was one of the most dominant snipers in plat for many seasons, and he’s finally back to add some spice to the sniper pool. [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] fygg and [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Octa make for a scary combo, with insane damage potential between the two. The flank of [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] XBS and [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Voosh may be completely new to Invite, but it won’t stop them from competing with current Invite flanks.

[Image: 249feb73e8a3f2af7401eb25ad7fdef5893e5b56_full.jpg]

7. Second Wind

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Fallen Gourd
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Daffodil
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] Pyrrhus
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] exile
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] cinder
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Niko Jims
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] rebite
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Sovereign
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] MoonDoggy

Disbanding after season 24 of UGC platinum, Second Wind players either retired or moved on to other teams. This season though, this gang of friends is back together and ready to compete in Invite. [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Sovereign has made a strong return, top fragging in several scrims and matches against other Invite teams. [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] exile has always had extremely solid damage numbers, especially in the recent Invite Qualifiers Cup. Seeing [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Fallen Gourd off sniper is an interesting choice, but he seems to be adapting well to the class swap. [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] cinder is also off sniper for a season, but he is starting to pick up heavy quickly. Even with such strong players, the roster overall has had some disappointing scrim results, almost not making Invite due to the Invite Qualifiers Cup. Overall, Second Wind is looking like a fun team made by a bunch of friends.

8. Burgers & Homies

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Rebel
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] DOOMBRINGER_
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] T.K.
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] BLNKT
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Chocc
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Grynn
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Raisin
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Mhenlo
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Kris18

[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Chocc carries on the B&H legacy with some new branding in Burgers and Homies. The flank is easily the strongest part of this team, with [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Rebel having great DM on scout and [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] DOOMBRINGER_ bringing the DOOM onto his enemies constantly. While [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] BLNKT is relatively untested in Invite, if he can adapt quickly this team is going to improve exponentially. [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Mhenlo has had a decent return to form, slowly getting back into the groove of sniping again and [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Kris18 makes his return to competitive TF2 after several seasons of break.

9. Super Handsome Inteligent Team

[Image: 16x16_Scout.png] cookie
[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] ?
[Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] Guava
[Image: 16x16_Demo.png] kinetic
[Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Moist Master
[Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] GreenKing
[Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Virgil
[Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] shaded
[Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Jebus

S.H.I.T. has moved up to Invite after winning Advanced in last season. The transition into Invite has been rough for them though. Even though they had their fees waived, they have lost [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] neum,[Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] apathy, and [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] rebite. [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Virgil and [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] shaded were some great last-minute pickups for S.H.I.T., but will it be enough to smooth their transition into Invite? As of late, they have been dropping rounds to teams like markers and the e-boys in Advanced.
moist wins invite or ill swallow my gum
stop yoinking our heavies man we need a heavy

ill give u zoomze for rayman5000 deal?
hey bro
(10-04-2019, 08:15 PM)Micahlele Wrote: d3nny, also known as john beans
plug walk
(10-04-2019, 08:26 PM)asher Wrote: stop yoinking our heavies man we need a heavy

ill give u zoomze for rayman5000 deal?

 never. Rayman5000 is a chad
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
micahlele mentioned every member of ami except me, going as far as to mention catalyst twice
plug walk
I wonder if AD will rage quit their matches like they do in their scrims ?

Hypedad’s minigun will win invite ??
Apolodosh is not getting 1st and amicitia nova is not getting 4th
flu walrus is never wrong
Is it really such a chore to write my name correctly?
holy shit im famoius
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
(10-04-2019, 09:39 PM)perenne Wrote: micahlele mentioned every member of ami except me, going as far as to mention catalyst twice

as far as micahlele is concerned imposters only has 2.5 players, flare the unimportant leader and denny and i who received the rest of my team's paragraph
(10-04-2019, 11:39 PM)eX.Hunter Wrote: Is it really such a chore to write my name correctly?

(10-05-2019, 10:09 AM)mono Wrote: as far as micahlele is concerned imposters only has 2.5 players, flare the unimportant leader and denny and i who received the rest of my team's paragraph
is he wrong though the rest of us are just kinda here while flare yells at us and u and dennis carry
hey bro
dennys real name isnt even denny
plug walk
(10-05-2019, 02:19 PM)perenne Wrote: dennys real name isnt even denny

thats because his name is d3nny 4head
(01-04-2019, 10:10 PM)flu walrus Wrote: 1. MCM
2. G2B
3. S.H.I.T
4. sfea
5. F2P
6. Amicitia
7. B&H
8. Swift

I will eat my pants if this is not the ranking at the end of the season

Flu walrus has never been wrong and that is a FACT
also i fixed hunter's name
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
That was before I knew everything

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