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Im asking for a opportunity
Townze :  paul dont u heavy ?
B&H | Paul :  unfortunately
Townze :  go heavy
B&H | Paul :  why
Townze :  U Aint winning against me on scout XD
Here are my two cents to everyone, including Townze himself.

First of all, let me say a few positive things about him. He is very principled. He has good values and morals. I love his drive to succeed and improve. I respect him a lot more than probably anyone else for those things. I know pretty much everyone will disagree with me, and that's OK. I just wanted to say that first.

The problem is, he has made quite a few mistakes in his career for which he hasn't apologized and many people have never forgiven him for. He's become a meme and has been deemed toxic and not worth playing with by toxic and non-toxic players alike, and there is very much a circle jerk about how supposedly awful he is, both personality and gameplay. I don't agree with this entirely, nor do I disagree entirely, but that's how he is perceived by the Highlander community.

Now let's examine the negatives: Townze has made many mistakes. He does talk a lot and people do get annoyed by that. He has been arrogant and failed to listen to criticism in the past. But is he solely to blame for everything every time? No.

For an example, let's look at the scandal in season 2, which I was witness to. The incident in question being the "badge only" teammate. One of the players said something about wanting the badge, Townze interpreted it as the player "only wanting to play for the badge" and thus not wanting or trying to improve like he was or like you would desire from a teammate. Now here's where things got heated: Townze started ranting about how you shouldn't just be on a team for the badge, and the importance of striving to improve and succeed. The other player fired back, trolling and insulting him about it. The way the conversation went on did NOT seem to indicate that they were "just excited about the badge but also wanted to improve" as was the initial defense by others. Several other teammates came in to insult and they all went back and forth firing insults at him and degrading messages for the next hour or so. Townze's teammates were much more toxic and rude towards him than he was to them, and he only insulted them upon being provoked and insulted by them.

Now, he definitely made a mistake in giving an ultimatum to the leader "cut x player or I quit" There's never an excuse for that really, and I'm glad the leader didn't give in to it, however I believe the player who instigated the actual insulting & harassment, as well as some others, should have been cut for treating their teammate the way they did.

Anyway, that's just one example of a time where he was painted as the terrible, toxic person, when he wasn't.

All that said, he did make a mistake there giving the ultimatum, and didn't apologize to the people he insulted and attacked (after being provoked and insulted by his teammates), but no one apologized to him, either. He has made many other mistakes from what I have heard, and I know some of them have been entirely his fault, and some have been mischaracterized to paint him as the sole bad guy when he clearly wasn't.

I know it's hard to give someone a chance who has been in such situations as he has in the past, and just saying he's changed or will do better is not enough (yet, at least), but I respect his attempt to do this and the bravery to post it and expose himself, when there's an angry mob ready to sling their full fury at him. The response so far in this thread has been exactly what he and everyone expected, and that tells me a lot about his character, deep down at least. He's been completely trashed on in this thread, yet he keeps on and has behaved pretty well considering some of the disgusting comments he's received, and I cannot help but respect that.

TL;DR: Townze is a solid player, has very good, strong values, and is very driven. I respect him a lot for those things, and I think he has been unfairly painted as a horrible person in many cases. However, he has made many mistakes in the past that were definitely all him, and it is mostly his fault he's in the situation he's in, but with this thread, he's admitted to it and apologized, and combined with everything else I've said about him, it says a lot about his character, and I hope he continues to own up to his mistakes and that people see that and his reputation can be built back up in the future.

This post is long and I may get flak for it, but I feel Townze deserves it, despite his flaws and past mistakes. It's not meant to be a defense of him, as I completely acknowledge the stupid things he's done and his personality flaws. But I believe he's the least toxic "toxic player" I've played with, and I wanted to make sure I put that out there, for whatever it's worth.
I've told townze this before. You just need to get a group of people who like and tolerate you, and you have to listen to them. Ur biggest problem is that you speak over literally everyone, playing with you is terrible because I cannot even hear myself think. You not only call what you want your team to do you call everything in the fucking game, it becomes excessive very quickly. Main calling for an entire team takes tons of experience, and to get to bowl or dimento's level takes a lot of time working with the same players and a shit ton of practice. Most importantly tho you have to learn to LISTEN TO OTHERS WHEN YOU NEED TO. Every time I played with you I felt like you ignored whatever I called. I know we have only played pugs together but I get the sense that this is a common issue on teams as well. This is TEAM fortress two, you need to be less of a self indulgent player and focus more on enabling your team to win and do will, and building relationships inside of said team.
i cant speak for other people, but my interactions with townze have always been positive Smile
im fuckign COOL.
Idk who you are, but who am I to talk.
Townze, I really want to sympathize with you, and I can still say I do. But you make it so difficult for everyone that people put you off and label you as toxic due to your strict and unusual mentality, how you conduct yourself, how you see yourself as a person and a player, and tendency to put off other players with different mindsets yourself.  I don't know THAT much about your past, other than you'r not a likable person, but that's not my point. In fact as I write this I don't really have a point, I just want to let you and anyone else to who it may concern to know what I see in all of this.

I've played both with you and against you, and honestly, I was cool with it either way despite your mannerisms, still am. But I still don't think you truly understand how much you degrade and put off  your opponents as well as your teammates. When Willmatic gave you that tryout  I was personally fine with the way you played and even didn't mind your 24/7 calling. But every other one of my teammates didn't feel that way, and I can personally assure you that's the sole reason you didn't make our team.

Trying to talk to you is also a pain for everyone even for me sometimes. I still try to listen to you when your ranting about this community and how they are all wrong about something or the other at 2 AM. Its almost impossible to try and chyme into the conversation when you speak. And whenever I do get a chance, you continue like nothing was said. Now despite this I will continue to listen to your 2 Am rants cause I value everyone's opinion regardless of their infamy as a person. And speaking on a more personal note, its really hard to hear all these terrible things you say about people I know, friends, teammates, the entirety of the community, you name it. I guarantee you've talked some major league shit about 75% of the people in this thread alone between you and I. And you only have a few nice things to say about anyone else in this community (mostly invite players).

On a side note, you had some funny stuff to say about my 6s team when we scrimmed you, some of it toward me. While I can personally tolerate it, I really can't speak for the rest of my team.

Over all I do still think your a misunderstood as a person and a main caller. But the biggest critiques people have to say about you I still think are 100% valid and you could be making a better effort to fix them. But despite all of that, I personally still I do hope you will achieve your goals one day, and more so. And I hope you can find a group of people who fit your liking and understand you. Once again, you (and I'm sure a few people somewhere out there) have my sympathy for you. 

-    J_peg
didn't read any of this but I see a lot of people posting their favorite townze experience. I met this guy once in one of the 5 sixes pugs I've played and all he did was belittle everyone and brag about being 2nd place in open only to find out he was carried by invite players. didn't seem too happy with that tidbit of fact. Seems like a good guy ?
this is cringe
You can sub for my newcomer team if you want
not a bad demo, just needs to learn when to shutup and stop acting like himself
(10-06-2019, 11:29 PM)TTV Townze Wrote: I dont expect to play alot but in the games I do there will be destruction.

a bold assumption mr. townsend
LFT posts used to mean something. They weren't just places for people to ball their eyes out to other people about how they're changing. Back when townseplayed in IM he was one of the most toxic players in the div. I still remember clip from moist's stream of him losing his shit when they lost on borneo or because of some of a Sniper. There are some people that are just incapable of change, and in my opinion, townze is one of them.
(10-11-2019, 10:56 PM)SWAGGERDEMON_ Wrote: LFT posts used to mean something. They weren't just places for people to ball their eyes out to other people about how they're changing. Back when townseplayed in IM he was one of the most toxic players in the div. I still remember clip from moist's stream of him losing his shit when they lost on borneo or because of some of a Sniper. There are some people that are just incapable of change, and in my opinion, townze is one of them.


this is right before s1 grand finals, pregame, this clip was on november 26th 2018 so its a little less than a year old
townze has 10 minutes to push last on borneo and all of their last pushes fail so they lose
townze gets very mad, the events in this clip happen, and he then leaves the discord and mutes
returns after like 20 minutes because his leader was like begging for him to play

to his credit, they do end up winning grand finals! Smile
plug walk

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