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Intermediate lft engineer
I am looking for a team to play this season with, as VERA (the team I played with before) seems to have broken down.  I have played two open seasons, one prolander and one highlander, and one season in IM prolander.  I sub main scout and am somewhat trying to sub main pyro, though am extremely rusty on pyro as my previous team just had others run pyro while I almost always full time ran engineer unless we were on offence on payload in prolander.  Would like to have a main role, but I'm guessing that I'll have to settle for a sub role since the season is already underway.  DISCORD: creamgravy573#3240

EDIT: seems like i've found a team but still don't know how to delete these posts lol
pretty good mid IM player worth the pickup for main or sub
RIP Vera you will be missed
he is VERA good

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