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Advanced or Main Spy
1/21/20 - I have one offer to main but still looking for more options

I do pretty consistently well at spy in or up to Adv-level or Main-level play and focus on getting the picks/calls my team needs. 

looking to play for either an Adv or established Main team, will sub for Adv with gaurenteed playtime

if I don't find a team I sub for D.A.T (podgy team) Smile

HL exp:
S5 Adv Preseason - DAT -  since October - Starter/Sub Spy
S4 Adv - Stardust Crusaders - Starter Spy and Leader
S3 Main - ANTHRAX - Starter Spy and Leader
S2 Main - [NEW MIC] (2nd) - Substitute Spy
S1 IM - ANTHRAX (1st) - Starter Spy and Leader
UGC S25 Steel - PTSD (2nd) - Starter Spy
UGC S24 Steel - Midheaven - Starter Spy
UGC S23 Steel - Alabama Hot Pockets - Starter Spy
UGC S22 Steel - VeniVidiVici - Substitute Spy

6s exp:
RGL Trad 6s S1 - Psyche - was main scout in preseason but opted to sub due to school
Ringing Scout/Engie/Pyro/Heavy/Soldier Open-Main here and there
RGL Trad 6s S2 - Demo scrimming with clueless but they're not playing till s3 and also scrimming with saelas till they got bumped up to IM cuz saelas doesn't know how divs work

My goals for this season are as follows:
- Improve at spy against better opponents - as anthrax/dat's roster fatted out, my lack of exp really began to shine, i have performance issues in high advanced level play and would call myself a Mid-Adv level Spy, I agreed to sub/leave for the team's sake, my main goal is self improvement against better opponents, even if I play Main, the practice is still important
- Have a good time
- Make friends!
not bad at spy, no clue on hitscan aim, will say cringe shit 90% of the time and deny saying every bit of it
The world’s gone and got itself in a big damn hurry. I don’t like it here. I’m tired of being afraid all the time. I’ve decided not to stay.
I know ghost is a bit of a meme, but for the most part they keep up in fragging with most of the other spies in Advanced
even tho the ranking spreadsheet is a bit incorrect with what it says on it, its true about ghost being better than galaxy. He stays calm in games when he's not doing well and i believe he'll have more potential if he works on it.
Reliable player :]
is nice even if shes cringe
(11-03-2019, 11:23 PM)patrick Wrote: is nice even if shes cringe

Absolute gamer. Gets good picks on spy and doesn't tilt at all. Great pickup in advanced or main. Has been improving greatly over the course of season 4 in advanced. They would carry in main, and do fairly well in advanced. Also listens well to constructive criticism and is always looking to improve.

As long as you ignore/can put up with the "cringe" (I personally haven't experienced much "cringe" that most people talk about, so far within the 5 weeks in this season. Take that with a grain of salt.) then this gamer is a good pick.
Played spy for me a couple years back in UGC, improved quite a bit over that season. I will say that ghost seemed ready to learn and improve most of the time. Worth giving a shot on a decent Main team at the very least. I think it'd be best for ghost to try out for a strong Main roster and attempt to go through that before moving up to Advanced.

On paper, has enough experience to attempt advanced. I do know that in the past, ghost had reviewed with mentors quite a bit, if that is the case in the present, I can see ghost holding their own in Advanced, on a proper team.

P.S: ghost, please stop saying and doing chimp things that make you carry a bad rep, you'll get farther that way.
is good
cringe leader but is doing surprisingly better in adv than his last season.

dude who the fuck eats his mic?
wait a minute.. who are you?
doesn't tilt and doesn't care about ego/stats/logs, pretty good at supporting the svs/preventing the enemy sniper from having fun ever

idk about her aim but why are you picking up a spy for aim
i like ghost
what the hell am i doing here?
Nice player who deserves a good team, give them a shot.
A great spy who is always improving. Ghost has the right values as a player and plays well in Advanced. A good pickup for any team.
beat galaxy
im fuckign COOL.
not necessarily an awful spy, could probably pass for low-mid advanced, but oh man they are quite interesting outside of the game, and not within a good context.
Woah bro look its crispy cringe.
(11-06-2019, 03:28 PM)lay Wrote: not necessarily an awful spy, could probably pass for low-mid advanced, but oh man they are quite interesting outside of the game, and not within a good context.

i blocked you for being toxic and having a horrible attitude, deal with it
ghost is good at spy and also does not tilt, also she comms pretty well except for that one time she didnt call other team had kritz s3 and we all died to it LOL pick her up!
(also a bottom)

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