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Advanced lukamine - scout S5
Due to work I kind of had to drop out of playing advanced after week 3 of season 4, but hopefully by time that s5 comes around I'll be available to play again full-time for a team.

Season 3 and 4 of RGL are my only notable teams I've played on in all my HL experience but I'm sure that I have the skill to play mid-advanced scout.

Season 3 - LGBT | 2nd Place IM (Scout) 8-2
Season 4 - On God Team | Advanced (Scout) 2-1 before having to quit

Please consider me for any possible teams!!!

Contact me:
not super well known, but is actually p good at scout
im fuckign COOL.
Lukamine is a great teammate and has great DM. I would recommend to pick her up for your S5 team.
Really good scout and a cool person, solid pickup in advanced Smile
lukamine FUCKS
lukamine is a wonderful player and will be a solid addition to your advanced team, also very reliable and kind! pick up lukamine ^_^
whenever i played against lukeamine hes done very well and he plays with his team nicely.

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