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Main LFP S5 Heavy Med Engi Scout Solly and Subs
our current roster is:

Scout: tryouts: Hellcatt (you)
Solly: tryouts: Humphrey (you)
Sniper: Alex
Demo: Ringo
Engi: tryouts: dez (you)
Heavy: (you)
Med: (you)
Spy: porpo
Pyro: realdavidbowie (dope)
LF all subs

Focus of the team is to just chill, have fun, and do well. Looking for players that can play in high main preferably with hl exp. but 6s exp. works just fine. 
If you're interested pm me on discord at: Alex (onionman)#2153
Team looks pretty solid for this div, people should definitely roster for this team
Rise Above, from the CAF Red Tail Squadron.
Lf goats on the sticks.
Team looks good enough. idk Alex or Ringo, but Hellkatt kinda farms
RIP Marker's hair 1997-2018
ringo and porpo were both my mentees in s25

denny shohh and medeev were also my mentees in s25 and look how they turned out (fraggers)

it's gonna be huge

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