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Advanced lft scout / sniper s5
after takin it easy as an all class sub for home depot s4 i wanna play one of the skinny bois

i've played a shit ton of scout since rgl 6s s1 started so my scout is probably better atm, but with a little grinding i can play sniper at the same level

gonna make an effort to comm more, soon i will be as loud as lay or avoidjoker

relevant exp:

ugc hl s25: silver scout for home depot
rgl hl s1: main sub for home depot
rgl hl s2: main sub, playoffs sniper for home depot (1st)
rgl hl s4: adv sub for home depot
rgl pl s7: main scout for rat horde (2nd)
rgl 6s s1: main scout for nkccs

patches#0001 on discord
i WILL fall off highground
last time i played with patches may have been ugc s25 but i still love the guy and there is never a time where I don't laugh at this video he made
like come on
that shit's fucking hilarious
pick up patches right now
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
ive played highlander and 6s and prolander with this man and can safely say he fucks and never tilts. hes really fun to hang out with as well after scrims. his scout is better than his sniper but a full offseason of sniper practice will put him looking pretty good.
patches is fucking amazing and he never tilts give this man a good home
really fucking good at everything, never tilts, fun to play with
really smart player as a scout, knows when to push cart, doesn't feed for frags. His sniper can also pop off, i remember he did very well whenever he played and his svs is very good.

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