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Invite perc lft s6
im cracked up
Great dude who has sex with enemy gamers.
Smile this man definitely has the prowess to click heads
percy is clean asf please pick him up he deserves a good team!
this guy is nice with it
Great and friendly player who deserves time off the bench
Rise Above, from the CAF Red Tail Squadron.
bump for s6
y'all n keep sleeping on percy but he still shits on you every opportunity he has.
Smile 14977518 
slaps on sniper
large aimer
when people say "god", they are referring to this man on sniper, he is all powerful on sniper and should be feared
So good
fake percy
i just popped me a perc
keeps improving, is pretty nuts already
You felt something warm inside your heart.
really impressed me when he first came into invite. very solid player

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