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Advanced Bliztank lft adv/inv sub this season
Nevermind I have found a team, thanks

S2: Played on a main team that died and then multiclass subbed on Amicitia Nova, filled in a decent amount of times.
S3: Spy for Home Depot in preseason & weeks 1-2, pyro for weeks 3 and on (2-5, also rang for the money team on spy in adv grand finals)
S4: Pyro for 1 Korean 9 Keyboards, coleader (7-3, third place)
S5: Pyro for Night Crew, a few scrims as Solly | Multiclass sub for NKB
get orc of my way
im an orc
people think his pyro is just a gimmick that works in pugs but its unironically good, is also p decent at spy and can play every other class except sniper (sorry bliz) at a human level. also an easygoing dude that knows how to confront and solve problems. give him a shot Smile
im fuckign COOL.
extremely chill. very nice. extremely constructive to try and help the team do better and not quick to blame others.
very good at pyro and spy, solid pick up all around.
yes, same
A human player, which is more than I can say for a lot of advanced pyros Smile
bliztank is good i like him quite a lot pick him up
(btd6 genius)
Alien Pyro  Cool
Alien Spy  Cool
Farms euros on burger map  Cool

Pick him up
There are 2 monkeys inside of you, one of them is the monkey, the other is a monkey.
Beat extrasolar and brandons gang, is there really anything else to say?  Cool
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.

from a different planet
jetpack pyro legend

pick him up
expect weird plays from this man
Mr. Tank is a very handsome man who destroys me with his flamethrower. I don’t understand how he does so well, but he’s just godlike.
everyone calls him an alien on pyro but he wins games almost single-handedly
decent pyro
hes nuts
solid player
RIP Marker's hair 1997-2018
one of the calmest people in adv, i have never heard him scream or get objectively angry ever
oh and his pyro is nuts too
he is very annoying to play against, his playstyle makes him a very impactful player even if he's a pyro, probably a adv allstar pyro this season or top 3 atleast, Likes to improve and is dedicated. Nice guy overall and good player.
great guy and a very solid player, give him a look for sure
Apart from the general "alien" memes and goofs ITT, Bliztank is genuinely a dedicated player who puts in the time and work to improve. After shooting up from Open S1 to Advanced S2-4, he's been learning the ropes on multiple classes and absorbing as much knowledge as he can wherever he can find it. It may be a rough start with Bliztank when you pick him up, but he's a very intelligent fella who will adjust to your team's needs and have a good time with you while he's at it. Give this man a home.
get orc of my way
im an orc

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