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Invite Heals On Everyone 6LACK LFP
After winning Advanced in S1, Heals On Everyone will continue in to Invite under the name Heals On Everyone 6LACK.
We have kept a good portion of our original roster but we have made a few changes and hope to do well in Invite during S2.

Our roster is as follows:

Scout - Daffodil
Soldier - Khil
Pyro - T.K.
Demoman - Lizar
Heavy - LFP 
Engineer - Nect0
Medic - SpotlightR
Sniper - lenny
Spy - Spu

We have a good bit of Spy tryouts but if you are confident in your abilities feel free to add me for that. We definitely need more Heavies to try out. Dedicated subs would also be nice as we currently have none, especially a Medic sub.

We have found a main Spy in Spu and currently only need a Heavy. Please add me if you can play Heavy.

Feel free to add me on Steam to ask me any questions or to ask for a tryout spot! Steam is a better way to contact me as opposed to replying to this thread.

Thank you all very much! [Image: smile.png]
let me sub
Necto moving up??? I don’t believe it.
I will always be a pyro main <3
we really need a heavy
SpotlightR should let me try out spy and destroy spu

On a more serious note this team is looking nuts gl spotlight!
Great guy, leads good teams and calls like a real man should. You best be trying out for his team.
Warning, spotlightR is a malicious scam artist who can not be trusted, lies about what ESEA teams hes on. Sad!
We have picked up Spu on Spy and changed our Scout to Daffodil. Our scrims have been going way better than expected lately and we hope to continue to improve together.
However, we still desperately need Heavy tryouts as we currently have none. Please add me if you are good and play Heavy.
put me on pyro
dont do it spotlight
Only need a Heavy right now.
After that, we need a Medic sub, Demoman sub, Heavy sub, Engineer sub, and potentially a Sniper sub. Players that can sub multiple classes will be given greater consideration.
put me on heavy
dont do that either spotlight
Thanks, since Spu told me not to I am going to have to begrudgingly decline your request Saturation, nothing personal.

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