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Intermediate "Vegitech" - All Classes: Starters and Substitutes

Looking for Starters and Subs for Season 5 Highlander.

We are an Intermediate team that is looking for players in the following classes:
  1. Soldier (Substitute)
  2. Pyro (Substitute)
  3. Demo (Substitute)
  4. Heavy (Substitute)
  5. Engineer (Substitute)
  6. Medic (Starter and Substitute)
  7. Sniper (Substitute)
  8. Spy (Starter and Substitute)
Scrim Times:
We scrim every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Scrim times are as follow:
  • Friday: 8:30PM (EST) and 9:30PM (EST)
  • Saturday: 8:30PM (EST) and 9:30PM (EST)
  • Sunday: 8:30PM (EST) and 9:30PM (EST)
  • Monday: 8:30PM Pregame (EST)
In-House PUGs (+ Jackbox.tv):
We host in-house PUGs every Wednesday, and Jackbox.tv every Thursday.
  • In-House PUGs: 7:30PM (EST)
  • Jackbox.tv: 7:30PM (EST)

If you are interested in trying out for this team, contact me at Swish#0001 on Discord, or you can leave a comment on my Steam Profile.
go play for this epic gamer
this team is very epic gamer they're very chill as well
i can play spy, i havent played comp before though..
i can play pyro i have exp discord is Skxxba#0891 hmu
I would like to volunteer for the spy class spot Spook#0053
Looking to play any class. (Starter) Discord: Landy#7512

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