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Main Jimbob LFT Main/Adv Pyro
hey gamers

im looking for team
pick me up or im going to non-stop bm you to my compadres for the entire season.

I wanna main on a team but I'm willing to sub if you are just an absolutely stacked gamer team.


Jimbob Today at 3:01 PM
what should i put on my lft
avian Today at 3:01 PM
that ur lft

pretty good, needs to be wrangled but is good
ballin like osama
I love Jimbob he is a homie and also a pyro with the right amount of chromosomes
Why are there two Congos
I have sex 24/7 pls try me out this weekend
Jimbob is a good player for main. Might actually be all-star main Pyro season 5 no cap.

I have seen him play over the years, and he's gotten better at the Pyro class. Also he has better internet now, which was holding him back last season.
Extremely underrated pyro and a solid team player. I highly recommend you give this a guy tryout. Smile
try me out tonight i am gaming
gamer sex
do not
Gimme Saturday tryout thank you

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