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Main Sadmen - Recruiting
Heyo, my name is Zuz and I'm creating a team for the main division. We scrim every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 & 9:30 EST, We also do pregames on Monday at 8:30 EST. We currently use discord and we plan on using that for future seasons to come. Our goal for this season will be to get to playoffs.

We have gamenights & homemade pugs once a week. For example Friday is GameNight and Thursday is Pug night. 

Current Roster: 

Scout: Jack H Backup: LFP
Soldier: Sea Otter Backup: LFP
Pyro: LFP Backup: LFP
Demo: LFP Backup: LFP
Heavy: LFP Backup: LFP
Engineer: LFP Backup: LFP
Medic: LFP Backup: LFP
Sniper: EclipseTF Backup: LFP
Spy: Zuz Backup: LFP

Tryouts each weekend!

Ways to contact me
Discord: Zuz#0903
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