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lft heavy demo soldier
looking to play demo or soldier on a main team

ill also play heavy on a team in adv that doesn't care if i troll
Played with him on demo and heavy, great player, friendly guy, highly recommend B)
this guy never dies, solar is the only heavy that contests this dude in adv
A great team mate and a great friend.

Willing to try what the team wants and isn't irate.
Good guy pick them up
Added for demo/soldier tryout advanced.
this guy is an epic pickup, his heavy is very clean
hello yes i would still like to frag
most underrated heavy last season, can carry any stupid demo he has Smile
hi i still want to game
(01-18-2020, 08:25 PM)Guy Wrote: hi i still want to game

Soldier tryout?
Hello gamers i am lft s6
Looking for Soldier for upcoming season, Main. Hit me up if you're interested.
this guy is a beast on pootis, please don't waste how good of a heavy he is
i like guy plus his mic is clearer now
Hey gamers i want to play s6

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