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Invite Pyro LFT invite
hello i am looking for a team in mid invite as the pyro, not interested in playing medic anymore as i don't really enjoy it and i'm super washed. i learned a lot in s4 and i hope to continue improving and see the season through on the class in s5
rn i'm trying to keep squirtyay alive for next season but i'm not sure how many people are all that interested, if people end up wanting to play that's where i'll go but if that ends up not being a thing i want to see what's out there. my schedule is pretty open and i can make any scrims/matches sat-monday 

s4 rgl - squirtyay - pyro/medic - invite - playoffs
s1 rgl - fast forward - medic - invite - playoffs
s25 ugc - fast forward - medic - platinum - 3rd place
s24 ugc - fast forward - medic - platinum - 2nd place
s23 ugc - heavy - pyro - silver - 1st place

add me on steam if interested: https://steamcommunity.com/id/3584316373463/
Makes me wanna wedgie my self good guy pick them up
was very fun to play with last season
was fun and nice to play with up to the point where she didn't install vrchat

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