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Invite LFT scout/solly/engie/med
Soldier I would play for the right advanced team. The rest I am looking for invite.
hes better than flu walrus
Good guy pick them up
DZ is great at pretty much every single class. I have never seen a medic put out more heals than DZ while running the pan. His scout and engie are absolutely bonkers too. Please someone give DZ a good team.
There are 2 monkeys inside of you, one of them is the monkey, the other is a monkey.
dz dem0 dz dem0 dz dem0
deez nuts creeper has never lost a lobby
dz is extremely dedicated and always gives 600% to the video game. smart human smart player very versatile would manage well on like any class
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Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
I require tryouts.

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