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what is your favorite flavor of milk?
unblock me and ill tell you.
please stop
I hate soy
Whole milk for the strong
I will always be a pyro main <3
(12-04-2019, 02:50 PM)Arzt Hispanian Wrote: Whole milk for the strong

skim milk is the only good form of milk

chocolate milk is ok but coffee milk is better, any other opinion is wrong obviously
breast milk
cheese is my favorite flavor of milk
orange milk. it exists and tastes like the milk left over after you eat fruit loops
i'd like to change my answer to the horchata milk you get when you finish eating cinnamon toast crunch
I mainly drink whole, but Promised Land Strawberry (if it still exists they had a massive recall on their flavored milks and were out of stock for like 8 months where I live) is the way to go. Also, I worked in a dairy department for 2 years in all roles associated with it, so I'm officially the most qualified person here to speak on this subject. This is the part where I start saying meaningless things to increase the length of my post because I'd love to be just like Alto, but unfortunately I'm neither smart enough nor cool enough to put out an AltoEssay™, so it'll just have to be the offbrand shitty version known as a LaskyEssay™. The defining feature of any LaskyEssay™ is that no one cares to read the whole thing as it just rambles on and on about the most meaningless things that have nothing to do with any subject being discussed. That said, I think if Markers drank more Promised Land Strawberry milk, then he would get his hair back. That is all.
RIP Marker's hair 1997-2018
choccy milk cuz ur epic
hi =)
Unsweetened almond milk

rice milk mmmmm
ballin like osama

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