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Invite Luigi, starting heavy/sub whatever
It's that time of the season where I get to pretend my team is dying so that people say nice things about me!

Most of the Home Depot core isn't able to play for one reason or another, so I might put my team on hold for a season or two while I spend the newfound gap in my schedule to improve myself as a player.

I'll play Heavy in Invite and I can sub whatever, mostly Demo/Heavy/Engi/Medic. I could main those classes too but I'm not sure if you want me to play any of those classes for any significant amount of time. Could probably figure out the other classes too.

Every time I've rang Invite I've had more fun than I've ever had in Advanced and I played on-par or better.

EDIT: home depot esports is definitely living into next season so I am no longer lft, I think
god i fucking H(love)ATE luigi so much GOD
he tried to get me to play HL medic by threatening me, truly goes to show how dedicated he is to the grind.
Luigi Pros:
- Fists on every class I’ve seen him play (Heavy, Demo, Pyro, Med)
- Maincalls well
- Fun guy to be around
- Consistently attends scrims/tryouts when I’ve played with him

Luigi Cons:
- Will not post pictures his own feet when other people post theres, therefore is a foot coward
- Non-anime profile picture

Edit: Luigi actually has an anime pfp on discord and just posted a verified image of his feet in my team’s discord, but still that’s not his main pfp + those feet are probably fake
He's a good gamer on multiple classes, pick him up
(12-04-2019, 07:21 PM)ghost Wrote: those feet are probably fake

i'll have you know those feet are not fake. i was there when it happened
luigi be like
There are 2 monkeys inside of you, one of them is the monkey, the other is a monkey.
solid player
VERY dedicated to the game. if he gets a couple scrims in invite, he has the potential to be really good. fun high energy guy outside of tf2, good leader. Someone just needs to try him out and they'll see hes good.
is cool
im fuckign COOL.
Luigi is one of the most genuine and nice guys that I have found in tf2. He is really good at the pootis class and even though he has not placed in adv I think that he is qualified for invite, definitely give him a try Big Grin! Luigi is also part of main wining and all star gang.
Why are there two Congos
he passes the boof to himself, that is all.
get orc of my way
im an orc
Cheer up dude, you're one of the most dedicated players that I've ever seen, I know that one day you'll be one of the best tf2 players cuz you're awesome. I admire you and I think that you're great nwn!
miku monday
great player, and really chill. His heavy pounds, i love him.
you are literally a main player with 2-5 record, just stop acting like you belong in here. maybe you can pretend to be smart in pubs instead
Very epic player
Nice guy and a good player.
sex, NOW
I go to school with him
Really good heavy, very fun to play with

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