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Advanced shia lft engie main
hello i played a lot of engineer in ugc and i think i would like to play engineer again

i am currently playing 6s so my mechanics are not dead even though i have not played builder for awhile

most notable teams i've been on include:

zimbabwe esports (more commonly known as 'ooga') ugc silver season 24 - finished 4th place
there we go! (.twg!) i forgot what season but we were totally gonna win silver haha lol

here is my ugc profile if u care also: https://www.ugcleague.com/players_page.c...8048507814

perhaps you would like me to play builder man on your team? it would be a fun time Smile

thanks for reading
+street cred from the BRINGER of DOOM
i got picked up on an invite team, thanks for the offers everyone, hope you guys have a great season

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