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Main Mondo A Go-Go - Medic & Heavy
A new team with roots in BNB from s4, as well as drifters in the wind who have chosen to band together...
At current, we have no confirmed Soldier or Sniper, though we have multiple tryouts for each. What we currently need are Heavy and Medic players.

Current Roster:
Scout - paddy
Soldier - between PoliteTim, ABRA-goin'-HAM, or pengest
Pyro - CosmicOwl
Demo - ridge
Heavy - LFP (Kegaman is currently our only tryout)
Engy - muddy
Medic - LFP (currently no tryouts)
Sniper - between FOAD, ianf526, or lackjackk
Spy - Clore

Contact me on Discord (muddy#7969) or Steam if interested.

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