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Main Mondo A Go-Go - LF Medic (WILLING TO TRY IM)
A bunch of fellas who band together to harness the power of being complete badasses.
Seeing as there seems to be no medics left in Main who are LFT, I am willing to try out an IM-level medic who is confident in their abilities to play in Main. The only real requirement is that you've played a season of IM prior to season 5 - ie season 5 can't be your first season of IM. Of course, the REAL requirement is that you're able to play the class, and play it well. As for the demo slot, it's what you'd expect from playing demo - dealing damage and maincalling.

Current Roster:
Scout - paddy
Soldier - pengest
Pyro - CosmicOwl
Heavy - yunoo
Engy - muddy
Medic - LFP (no tryouts - we have a temp medic player, but we need an actual medic player in our medic slot)
Sniper - ianf526
Spy - Clore

Contact me on Discord (muddy#7969) or Steam if interested.
bump; updated the main post to reflect our current situation.
bump again, we kinda really need a med player

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