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Ryukbot Recording Tool
I've seen a lot of different ways to record tf2 over the years I've been playing this game, the most famous being OBS, Lawena and shadowplay. All of these options are good but none of them really fit what I needed so I made my own!

Ryukbot is a recording tool directly from .dem to .mp4 in clips a lot like people would use for frag videos (the original purpose of the tool). It takes the tick the event happened, which can be given either manually or by using the demo marking features of PREC and Valves internal version of PREC, then records short (by default 18 second) clips around the area of the tick given.

Once everything is set up if you get a kill hit a button run ryukbot and play the demo. It will record everything for you without any effort on your end!

I've used it for years to record all of the footage on my youtube channel if you need examples of what it can do otherwise here is the TRAILER

To download join my discord where I take feedback and keep everything updated: https://discord.gg/mB9UjA

I wont be posting or reading much here so please join or message me on discord if you have feedback or ideas: NotPetya#1825

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy023_giJdQ
New update dropped Yesterday fixing the last known crash so that's awesome! Good time to check it out!
Thank you ryuk very cool

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