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Hey guys! I'm Sparky, a manager for Vanquish Gaming; a multi-game and entertainment organization with many teams in various games. While I'm a CSGO manager for them, TF2 has been a game I've sunk thousands of hours into and competed in. I believe a TF2 team will be a perfect next pickup for the org and we'll see where it goes!

With that being said, we're looking to pick up rosters from any div, or to form one. All class spots will be open for tryouts if we form one.

Interested? Add me on Discord at Sparky#4543 or on Steam

Thanks for reading!
We're still looking! Bump!
bump! We are very interested in this Smile Please add me on steam so we may talk !! 1
Bump. We're also interested in 6's teams!
I have 150 hours on spy and can play sniper and demo well
Please do not bump your thread every day.

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