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Advanced /Main LFT HL Spy
Hey, I'm Contra!

I haven't played a full season in a bit, but I've been playing lobbies and pugs whenever I've had the chance over the past few years.

Check my UGC page if you want to see my prior experience.
Also there was a season of memes in Prolander, I guess.

I'm still slightly rusty, but I'm getting back into the swing of things.

I've been grinding for the past few weeks and am pretty much finished de-rusting. Ringing against both Main and Advanced teams I've been doing pretty well. Give me a tryout, I won't disappoint you.

My work schedule is self-made, so I can adjust to any scrim times needed. If you pick me up, you can expect me to attend all scrims and map reviews, as well as spend plenty of time on my own practicing and improving. I once ground out my Ambassador aim for 1-2 hours a day in tr_aim_training_b13 for a full week prior to a tryout, just as an example.

On the rare occasions I tilt, I never take it out on my teammates and I make sure that all criticism I give is constructive- you can ask any of my teammates on teams I've leaded prior to verify this.
one of the most consistent spies in silver during his era, solid player and teammate, would pick up
Fantastic Spy and a Fantastic Guy! Pick this man up!

Putting him in IM would just be blatantly sandbagging lmao
A good friend and good spy Big Grin He is worth trying out!
i played with contra occasionally back in the day, he's really nice and dedicated. would make a good teammate once he gets back into it
The new boys in Highlander won't remember Contra, but he made a hell of a team leader and a solid, consistent Spy for the team. IM is a waste of his experience, and while he might struggle getting back into the swing of things he'll absolutely be Advanced-ready in no time.
Was a great team leader and is a great Spy and an even better guy. Pick this man up.
I've spent way too long on the Egg Class....

Try me out tho, seriously.

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