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Highlander S5 Highlander Class Restrictions - All Divisions
To be clear about our discretion for class restrictions this upcoming season, we'll be publicly listing all players' class restrictions for each division here. 

Please read the following if you're unfamiliar with how class restrictions work in RGL Highlander.
Class restrictions are placed on players who wish to play in a division that is lower than one they've previously played in. This serves two purposes - more experienced players won't be stuck in their top division if they choose to switch classes, while players in that division will still remain in that division's skill level.  We look at these players on a case-by-case basis and consider their impact and full background of experience, including that from other gamemodes. You will only be subjected to class restrictions if you are a player looking to play in a division that you have already won, or a division that is lower than one you have already played (i.e. a Main player wanting to play in IM).

[url=]  [/url] is restricted from/to

If you're considering playing in a division lower than one you have previously played in or you have already won that division before, contact the admin of the division you want to play in beforehand so that they can make restrictions accordingly. Class restrictions that are not followed will result in a match overturn/round loss.

Please make a request to your division admin in our Discord server if you believe others should be class restricted.


Arzt is restricted from Demoman.
jayhyunpae is restricted from Scout, Soldier, and Demoman.
Hino is restricted from Spy.
Moist is restricted from Heavy.
perenne is restricted from Engineer.
Witness is restricted from Heavy.
Toy is restricted from Medic.
Jebus is restricted from Spy.
Fygg is restricted from Demoman.
Pantherr/SWAGGERDEMON is restricted from Soldier.
Civ is restricted from Heavy.
Mad is restricted from Spy.


Lilly is restricted from Demoman.
Lary/Acclaim is restricted from Scout, Soldier, Demoman, and Sniper.
T1FF4NY is restricted from playing Scout/Sniper.
Tom Servo is restricted to Medic.
TeatsMcghee is restricted to Demo.


hellkitty is restricted from Scout and Sniper.
BrannMolvik is restricted from Spy.
Axio is restricted from Spy.
twee is restricted from Pyro, Medic, and Spy.


SpiderJew is restricted from Spy.

Updated for 2/08.
Updated for 02/20.

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