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Mentoring HL medics/maincallers/teams and 6's medics
Long time Med player and maincaller looking to help out players or teams. I have a long history of UGC and made a return playing in RGL in invite this year winning 1st place S6. I'm willing to work with medics, allclass maincallers, and full teams in main, advanced, or invite HL. I'm willing to work with any med player in main or lower in 6's as well. I can do demo reviews, map reviews, general questions, or anything else. I'm free at random times of the week, so just shoot me a message for scheduling. Make sure to comment on my profile before adding.

I also have a youtube channel with a bunch of my demo reviews if it helps.
i'm washed and can't carry the dead weight that is watterson (that kid sucks) but rogue is so good he carries us both
this guy maincalls
Bumping, hit me up
absolute chad, literally my favorite medic out of everyone ive ever played against. he knows a lot and is happy to share it, and he is a super swell gamer

i looked up to him when i was a shitty, now i look up to him as an aged shitty.
To my Medic peers in Invite and high Advanced, I really enjoy demo reviews and discussing what we see, so hit me up any time for a non-mentoring discussion of your demos or even mine.

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