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Thje big Anouncement
I would like to announce that long standing NAHL Champions Brampton Warriors will be returning to play this season! Smile 

I would like to formally say a good farewell to our Medic Toy & all classer durr. We are very thankful for the 1 season contract that Toy and durr have played with us, having shown tremendous leadership not only ingame but out of it as well. To say they've contributed to our team's success last season is an undestatement, and on behalf of the organization, the City of Brampton & Canada, thank you; we are truly grateful for everything they've done for the Brampton Warriors and good wishes to their future endeavors!

I'm also honored to announce the newest additions to our starting lineup: exile & Flu walrus. exile, a veteran of the scene & experienced in-gameleader would naturally be a fit for the serious professional culture the Brampton warriors have established & Flu walrus, while being new to the top of the invite scene, has impressed many with his desire to win, passion for the game & the serious commitment he's shown to prove to that he's the best engineer in the game.

Looking forward to this season, assistant COACH BOWL has this to say:

Quote:coming off of an easy dub last season fred 6 has looking to make a rebound off of the championship dub last season with some new ballers, rip kobe

Thank you for the support from our fans, remember to buy our merch!


Welcome back o7
World Champions 5x by the end of the season.
edited: 6x thanks pabwo
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.

(02-04-2020, 06:28 PM)Hino Wrote: World Champions 5x by the end of the season.


Also @COACHBUCKS Can you site your sources on this article?
welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!

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