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Advanced Reigh LFT S6
LFT mid-high advanced.

Main spot is what I'm seeking, I just want to play.
I'd prefer medic or sniper, but could play any class (except spy) reasonably well in advanced.
(Give me a shot please. :>)

Comp history:
S2 IM 2nd place; starter sniper.
S3 Main 4th place; starter sniper.
S4 Main 4th place; starter sniper.
S5 Adv 5th place; starter sniper

Important links/info:

Thank you for your time. ^^
mechanical savant
one of the absolute best snipers in main the past couple of seasons
i'd be surprised if he couldn't keep up in advanced
reigh is super frickin cool and incredible at any class really. she really excels at sniper! reigh deserves to be on a team looking to place, for she would be able to carry your team regardless Smile pick reigh up!!
clean wid it
shes a wonderful-to-be-around gamer and an insanely good sniper. Easy top pick.
prety good at aiming
put her on medic you will not regret it
pretty gamer, high quality pick up for any team
med took 4
yea so, reigh is a legend.
Good sniper and medic from what I’ve seen, she’s also really nice so pls give her a team Smile
im fuckign COOL.
Already better than most snipers from Adv last season, partly because I don't remember 3/4 of the snipers last season Smile
she is very good at the video game
There are 2 monkeys inside of you, one of them is the monkey, the other is a monkey.

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