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Advanced ONE LFP s6
Looking for tryouts for every class but Spy.

For s5 ill either be on MDS' team or ringing, regardless, I want to lead my own team again, but starting from square one.

inb4 "but ghost, s5 just started why plan for s6?" - The faster I can get people interested, the fatter the roster can be, plus, if enough people interested aren't maining during s5, we can even start tryouts before the offseason.

Requirements for trying out/being on the team:
- Significant hl experience 
- Mic must be audible
- Consistent avaliability
- Must have a drive to improve 
- Should be obvious but I need to say this because RGL: nobody who expresses racist (yes this includes being racist against White people), homophobic, transphobic, violent or toxic sentiments/behaviours can't tryout (note: you won't be barred for being banned for such in the past if you are known to have changed)
- Be ready to have fun
Very good post
Why even argue with scratchh.... he look like Gabe Newell son...... BUT 50x BIGGER!!!
Must have a drive to improve? Damn that's so not me Sad
wasnt your signature "i will never lead hl again" like 2 months ago

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