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official bowl of mayo highlander casts
as many may have noticed there is a lack of an Offical RGL cast for highlander matches for this season,...
Since the beggining of time  there has been a lack of coverage for the highlander community save for some periods of time when this was not true. It is unfortunate that there are no longer official RGL casts due to lack of casters and cameramen ....
FRet not some of the great casters of the past such as:
Rainbow dashner(

have been training new individuals to provide excellent coverage of this highlander season V
introducing the team:
Prison Mike
bowl of mayo
and none other than COACH BUCKS joining the team out of retirement providing these words:
yo what are u guys sayin its the boy eeriegk aka dookie aka goonie aka monkeyman aka MR. DUBBZ but alot of u fellas know me as COACH BUCKS. ill be the co caster on the bowl of mayo casts. hopefully u guys enjoy what i say, probably not. ill show up sometimes still.

Find the casts mondays at 9:30 PM EST  here: https://www.twitch.tv/bowllllll



im fuckign COOL.
Pebis :3
oh ok
attention everybody, please see the thread recently trashed, https://forums.highlander.tf/thread-1669...16859.html

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