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mentoring pyros
i'm going to be taking off this upcoming season so i'd like to mentor any pyro main who is dedicated and would like to improve

don't add me if:
-you are very new to pyro (at least play one season of pyro)
-you're gonna waste my time by not actually dedicating yourself to improving

yeah... add me gamers if you'd like to improve!

(i dont think i need a resume but)
3rd place platinum s22 fast forward
1st place platinum s23 dK
1st place platinum s24 dK
2nd place platinum s25 knd (sub)
2nd place invite s1 knd
Pyro god, and very friendly to boot. As long as you show him that you mean business and want to get better, he will happily work with you.
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hes ok
I don’t mentor anymore sorry
hey : 3

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