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Mentoring Medics (Any div)
Greetings gamers,

I've been around HL playing medic since S10 UGC, got 3rd in invite with AD this season of RGL.  

I'm willing to help out anyone interested in med since the talent pool always needs new faces
If u add me pls be willing to come to me for mentoring rather than vice versa- I won't know what you need until you say something Smile

Add me @ 

steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/walllicker/

discord - Wall#9652

or post below. 

I check steam on weekends, discord nightly, & forums nightly. 

You copied me you noob
not this time fool
Wall is a sweetheart and knows her stuff. Do not hesitate hitting her up if you wanna up your med game.
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shes ok

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